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Posted by admin on August 26, 2014
Enugu State House Of  Assembly Impeaches Deputy Governor

August 26,  - Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, the Deputy Governor of Enugu State was Tuesday morning impeached by the House of Assembly after adopting a report of a 7-member panel, which investigated allegations of misconduct against him.

On July 22, 2014, the House of Assembly leveled dozens of allegations of misconduct against the deputy governor; one of the charges was that he operated a poultry within the confines of his official residence as well as deploying state resources to run it.  A panel constituted by the Chief Judge of the state found Onyebuchi guilty as charged after a dramatic trial.




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Posted by admin on August 25, 2014
Ondo State: Imminent LP Shift Vindicates “ PDP-GBASIBE” Tendency


In the aftermath of the Ondo State gubernatorial election of October 20, 2012, in which the incumbent governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, of the LP was returned to power, there was a lot of rancor within the Ebenezer Alabi-led PDP allegedly due to its resentment of, and disappointment in, the endorsement of the LP flag-bearer, by quite a ...number of prominent PDP members in Ondo State. It was believed to be an anti-party move that ought not to have been contemplated and in the inner recesses of the minds of the Alabi-led PDP, it was a dastardly act of betrayal that ought to have met with outright expulsion of the members involved if this would not have virtually emptied the PDP of its top echelon of politicians in the state: Prof. Olu Agbi, Chief Segun Adegoke, Senator Bode Olajumoke, Senator Gbenga Ogunniya, Hons. Gbenga Elegbeleye, Temitayo Fawehinmi, Tunde Akindehin, Demola Adegoroye etc.

To fully have the correct appreciation of the political flux at the time and why people took certain positions, it is necessary to remind the public of the immediate political scenario preceding the said gubernatorial election of 2012. After successfully fighting his way through the courts to reclaim his mandate in 2009, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, who until his 2007 bid for the governorship seat of Ondo State, was an inner-caucus member of the PDP, emplaced a series of well applauded programmes and projects that not only earned the electorates’ confidence but also won international endorsements and approbation.

In a series of electoral routings of the PDP in all of the elections conducted in the state starting with the Akure-North bye election of 2009 to the year 2012, the Labour Party government of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, to all intents and purposes, seemed to have bonded well with the people who in turn, voted for the party. In contradistinction to the PDP which was wracked by internal party wrangling, recriminations and finger-pointing after the Agagu era, the LP seemed poised to loom large over the political landscape after a heavy dominance of both the State House of Assembly and the National Assembly.

It was against this background of a certifiably good performance on the part of the Mimiko administration in its first tenure – so acclaimed even across party lines – and the relatively bleak prospects of a sudden PDP resurgence before the October 20, 2012 gubernatorial election, that informed the basis of the aforementioned prominent PDP members, given the fierce political rhetoric of the then ACN, to think it was politically logical to pitch their tent with the LP.

These PDP members who supported the governor in his bid to come back must have relied on their sameness of political pedigree and the fact that outside of the state, and particularly in presidential politics, Dr. Mimiko, has not only been an unabashed supporter of PDP, he also has been in the vanguard of those defending the incumbent federal government against an unceasing avalanche of misinformation and lies. It was normal for these PDP members who supported Dr. Mimiko during his second term bid and who in political parlance, are known as “PDP-Gbasibe” tendency, to encourage the governor to decamp to PDP after his victory, since there seemed not to be any insurmountable differences between the LP and PDP at least, in terms of the trajectory of governance of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. At any rate, the governor, being a lame-duck one, will be constitutionally barred from flying the flag of the LP after the cessation of his second term on the 23rd of February 2017.

The choices before the LP presently therefore are: one, to embark on an expansionist political agenda by morphing into a regional or supra-regional party; two, face the prospect of political extinction by doing nothing; three, move en mass to fuse with a more dominant and compatible political party. It is obvious that the third option in the present case of the LP in Ondo State should be the most reasonable and realistic route for any party wanting to still be of service to the people and in contention for any democratic ‘goodies’ the Nigerian way.

The Alabi-led PDP literally had a field day vilifying the other more cooperative tendency for a while when it seemed that the much awaited defection of the Labour Party to PDP was taking too much time to materialize. To be sure, not all of the PDP members are happy with the idea of governor Mimiko coming to join their party and even, some have openly fumed against the romance between the governor and the Jonathan presidency. Some have, in clear demonstrations of exercises in self-flattery, organized protest movements in the hope of making the planned defection impossible! Nevertheless, political sagacity and strategic thinking, with which not too many people are gifted, indicate that the political fortunes of PDP stand to exponentially rise from such a move.

Since the awareness of the possibility of this seismic LP shift to PDP, political anxiety in Ondo State has been at fever pitch: it has been high anxiety for those – both LP and PDP members – who have earlier thought they had their primary victories all locked up; high anxiety for those LP early defectors who jumped ship to PDP under predictable demonization of Iroko and high anxiety for those, who simply think the political space would be too constraining and therefore not enough elbow room to manoeuvre.

As it is, the much awaited talks between Ondo State governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, and the PDP hierarchy in Abuja, are yielding fruits with the follow-up consultation of the incumbent governor with different levels of LP stakeholders in Ondo State. This column believes this is a win-win situation: it is a win for the political foresightedness of those PDP members who thought it wise to support a good and performing governor in an election regardless of political party affiliation; it is a win for the LP members to continue with their political careers and ambitions on the platform of another credible party that now has a national spread and, it is a win for PDP-national to chuck Ondo State now in its “win-column” in the opinion poll.




By: Taoheed Ajao, Akure Ondo State Nigeria






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Posted by admin on August 25, 2014

A British man who caught the ebola virus in Sierra Leone has arrived in the UK on a Royal Air Force jet.

The healthcare worker, understood to be called William, landed at RAF Northolt near Heathrow just before 9pm on board a specially equipped C17 plane.

An ambulance transporting the man to an isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in north London travelled there under a police escort to stop other vehicles from interrupting the journey.

British man infected with the ebola virus is loaded into RAF ambulance after being flown home on a C17 plane from Sierra Leone, at Northolt air base outside London.The nurse is taken off the RAF jet

The hospital is home to the UK's only high-level isolation unit which has a specially-designed tent with controlled ventilation.

The only people allowed inside are specially-trained medical staff.

Dr Paul Cosford, director for health protection at Public Health England, said protective measures will be in place to avoid the virus being transmitted to staff transporting the patient and healthcare workers in the UK.

Ebola victim arrives in UK.

The flight from Sierra Leone took around eight hours

The man, who the Department of Health has said is not "seriously unwell", is understood to have been a volunteer at a clinic in the Kenema district of Sierra Leone.

Sky sources who have knowledge of the repatriation describe the young male nurse, who is estimated to be in his late 20s or early 30s, as a "remarkable and amazing young man".

There have so far been 2,615 confirmed cases and 1,427 deaths in the outbreak.

Police escort a RAF ambulance carrying a British man infected with ebola virus after he was flown home on a C17 plane from Sierra Leone, at Northolt air base outside London.

The ambulance carrying William is escorted to the Royal Free Hospital

Health chiefs insist the risk to the British public from ebola, which kills up to 90% of those who get it, is "very low".

Deputy chief medical officer Professor John Watson said: "We have robust, well-developed and well-tested NHS systems for managing unusual infectious diseases when they arise, supported by a wide range of experts.

"UK hospitals have a proven record of dealing with imported infectious diseases and this patient will be isolated and will receive the best care possible."

The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead

The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead

Ebola is contracted through contact with an infected person's bodily fluids and there is currently no cure or vaccine.

Strict quarantine measures are used to stop the spread of the virus, as well as high standards of hygiene for anyone who might come into contact with sufferers.

Symptoms of the virus appear as a sudden onset of fever, headache, sore throat, intense weakness and muscle pain.



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Posted by admin on August 23, 2014
Mimiko Orders Immediate Work On Jubilee, Victory College Roads

The Ondo State governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, has ordered the state’s asphalt company to begin the immediate repairs of the Jubilee Junction and Victory College roads in kare. According to a statement by the Commissioner for Information, Kayode Akinmade, the directive is sequel to the identification of damaged portions on the road by the governor. According to the commissioner, the Ondo State Asphalt Company, being managed by Mr Kehinde Osikoya has been mobilised and “expected to commence work immediately in line with the directive of Mr Governor.”

Also speaking with newsmen in Akure on Wednesday, the asphalt company’s head, Osikoya said: “Mr Governor has directed that we immediately move to the Jubilee Junction and Victory College roads in Ikare to work on the damaged portions. “We have been mobilised to provide palliative measures on the roads and work starts immediately. “All materials have been deployed already and in the next few days people will be on site,” the asphalt company head said. It will be recalled that Governor Mimiko recently commissioned a 10 kilometre road in the coastal area of the state constructed by the asphalt company among other projects.  

The road, Igbotu-Oboro- Inikoragha- Ojuala-Ipoke road which asphalt overlay was done by the Ondo State Asphalt Company (OSAC) was originally contracted out in November 2008. The project, however, warranted the intervention of Governor Mimiko as a result of its bad state, hence, the asphalt overlay contract was re-awarded to OSAC in May this year and it was ready for commissioning about two months later.

At the commissioning, the OSAC chairman had thanked Governor Mimiko for matching his words with actions regarding the operation of the outfit. According to Osikoya, it took the company “about two months only to complete the 10km road project because of the assistance rendered by Mr Governor in terms of ensuring that we have a smooth operation.”



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Posted by admin on August 23, 2014
Briton In Sierra Leone Tests Positive For Ebola - UK DoH

A British national living in Sierra Leone has tested positive for Ebola, the Department of Health has said. It is the first reported case of a Briton contracting the deadly virus during the recent outbreak. Some 1,427 people have died since Ebola began spreading in West Africa at what the World Health Organisation has described as an "unprecedented" rate.

The Department of Health (DoH) said the overall risk to those in the UK "continues to be very low". The number of cases in the region now stands at 2,615. The virus, which is spread between humans through direct contact with infected blood, attacks internal organs and has no known cure. Symptoms include high fever, bleeding and central nervous system damage - and the fatality rate can be as high as 90%.

'Assessing situation'

Ivory Coast, the largest economy in francophone West Africa, had already imposed a ban on flights to and from Sierra Leone as well as Liberia and Guinea. In a statement, the DoH said medical experts were "assessing the situation to ensure that appropriate care is delivered". Consular assistance is being provided, the statement added. Deputy chief medical officer Prof John Watson said: "The overall risk to the public in the UK continues to be very low. "We have robust, well-developed and well-tested NHS systems for managing unusual infectious diseases when they arise, supported by a wide range of experts."



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Posted by admin on August 23, 2014
Ebola - Ebola: First Consultant Hospital Speaks On Late Liberian-American Sawyer

The management of First Consultant Hospital, Obalende, Lagos State, has spoken on late Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer who brought the Ebola Virus Disease to Nigeria, saying it took necessary measures in line with international standards to prevent the spread of the virus. In a press statement, it said in spite of denial by Sawyer, who described himself as a Senior Diplomat from Liberia, adequate measures were taken, which included, isolating the patient, implementing barrier nursing and contacting the Lagos State Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of Health. It said, “A 40-year-old gentleman came into the hospital with symptoms suggestive of malaria (fever, headache, extreme weakness) on Sunday, July 20, 2014. He was fully conscious and gave us his clinical history and told us he is a Senior Diplomat from Liberia. Laboratory investigations confirmed malaria whilst other test for HIV, Hepatitis B&C were negative. He was admitted and treatment commenced.

“However, due to the fact that he was not responding to treatment but rather was developing haemorrhagic symptoms we further questioned him. He denied having been in contact with any persons with EVD at home, in any hospital or at any burial.” Having treated for malaria with no significant improvement, the management carried out tests for possible infectious haemorrhagic disease, especially Ebola, based on fact that he was from Liberia, which had recently witness Ebola outbreak. It said, “We refused for him to be let out of the hospital in spite of intense pressure, as we were told that he was a senior ECOWAS official and had an important role to play at the ECOWAS convention in Calabar, Cross River State. “The initial test results from LUTH laboratory indicated a signal of possible Ebola virus, but required confirmation. “We then took the further step of reaching out to Senior Officials in the office of the Secretary of Health of the United States of America who promptly assisted us with contacts at the centres for Disease Control and World Health Organisation Regional Laboratory Centre in Senegal.

“Working jointly with the State, Federal Agencies and International Agencies, we were able to obtain confirmation of Ebola (Zaire strain), (WHO Regional Center Lab-Senegal/Redeemes lab/LUTH Laboratory). He afterwards died on July 25, 2014 at about 6.50am. “All agencies were promptly notified and in consultation with WHO, Regional Ebola Virus Disease Centre in Conakry, Guinea and Best Practices, we commenced temporary shut down of the hospital with immediate evacuation of in-house patients. “The appropriate professional removal of the body and its incineration under WHO guidelines, witnessed by all appropriate agencies was carried out. “In keeping with WHO guidelines, the hospital is shut down briefly as full decontamination exercise is currently in progress. “We hope that by our action of preventing this gentleman from being extracted from our hospital and traveling to Calabar we have been able to prevent the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria.”





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Posted by admin on August 15, 2014
Ebola: Nigerian Government To Test A Nigerian Scientist’s Drug On Patients

Nigeria has received an experimental drug from unnamed Nigerian scientist to treat Ebola virus, Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, said in Abuja, on Thursday.

Chukwu, who gave the cheering news at a news conference, gave the name of the drug as “Nanosilver.” According to Chukwu, “the only experimental drug we have now is Nanosilver, provided by a Nigerian scientist; details of the drug will be disclosed later to the media.” Chukwu said the suspected cases reported in Abia, Anambra, and Abuja were investigated and proved negative. He added that Cross River was also free of the disease, adding that the nurse under surveillance in Lagos, who travelled to Enugu, was back in Lagos with members of her family for close monitoring.

“Nobody in Enugu has Ebola disease, all cases are still confined within Lagos,” said Chukwu. Another Nigerian doctor tests positive Another Nigerian doctor, who was part of the team that treated Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer, has fallen victim of the Ebola virus. The minister confirmed the latest case of the doctor, who took ill as a result of the Ebola virus on Thursday. The doctor had been one of those involved in the initial treatment of Sawyer, who collapsed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, on July 20.

Chukwu told the press in Abuja, on Thursday, that Nigeria was doing all it could to contain the virus. “Eight (others) are still alive, more than half of them are doing very well and actually showing signs of recovery under treatment,” Chukwu said.

Death toll now 4
Another Nigerian nurse has succumbed to death, following infection with the Ebola virus. The nurse was one of those who treated the late Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer.

Minister of Health, Professor Chukwu, who revealed this in a statement on Thursday, said the death of the nurse brought to four, the number of those who had died of the Ebola virus disease. Chukwu said the number of infected still remained 10.

7-month-old shows symptoms in Kwara
A seven-month-old baby, in Ilorin, on Wednesday, showed symptoms related to Ebola virus disease. Speaking with journalists in Ilorin, on Thursday, the state chairman of the committee on control of Ebola disease, Professor Sunday Opabola, who said there was no confirmed case of the disease in the state as being speculated, said tests carried out on the baby had already been taken to two centres in Lagos. The state government also said the suspect had been taken to one of the quarantine centres set up in the state, while it allayed fear of outbreak of the disease in the state.

Professor Opabola said the result of the tests were expected to be out today, adding that Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed had ordered for test equipment to be installed at the state Advanced Diagnostic Centre in Ilorin. Opabola, who said that government had commenced trace contact, added that it was carrying out the measure with the use of standards recommended by the World Heath Organisation (WHO), to ensure the state is safe. According to him, the baby was found with symptoms not exclusive to Ebola disease, but also had to do with those of Lassa fever, cholera, malaria and some others.

He explained that the baby was brought to Ilorin by his parents who had come to the town for a visit from Ibadan, after one of those taking care of him had returned to Ibadan from Lagos. He said the baby initially came up with symptoms of malaria and was being treated for about two days without improvement, before his mother was advised to take him to a private pediatric specialist hospital in Ilorin. Opabola disclosed that the pediatrician medical director carried out a clinical assessment on the patient and discovered Ebola-like symptoms. He said though it was not yet established that the baby’s case was Ebola, the government was taking  proactive measures to keep the people safe.

NYSC to screen prospective corps members
Chairman, National Governing Board for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Chief Gordon Bozimo, has announced that prospective corps members would, henceforth, undergo Ebola screening before access to camp. Bozimo, who disclosed this while visiting the permanent orientation camp in Ekiti State, on Thursday, said the move was part of measures to prevent the disease from being spread among Nigerian youths at the various orientation camps across the country. The  NYSC chairman, during a one-day visit to the 2014 Batch “B” corps members at the Ekiti NYSC permanent orientation camp, Ise-Ekiti, in Ise/Orun Local Government Area of the state, said prospective corps members would have to undergo compulsory screening before “they are allowed into the premises of the orientation camps.

The NYSC board chairman added that currently, there had not been any record of the disease among corps members on orientation camps across the nation.

Enugu sets up 4 isolation centres

To stem further spread of Ebola virus, the Enugu State government, on Thursday, set up four isolation centres in the state, the state Commissioner for Health, Dr George Eze has said. Briefing newsmen in Enugu, on Thursday, Dr Eze stated that the designated centres were Colliery Hospital, Enugu, District hospital, Ikem, Nsukka District hospital, Nsukka and Oji-River District hospital, Oji-river. Eze, who dispelled the media reports that a Lagos nurse had spread the Ebola virus to Enugu, explained that the victim and her husband were flown back to Lagos immediately she sneaked to the Coal City a week ago.

The lady who came down to Enugu was not quarantined in Enugu, but was put under surveillance. You do not put somebody who is well under quarantine. It is only when you develop symptom that you can transmit the virus. When you have very high virile mood, when you work around, you cannot transmit the virus,” he added.



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Posted by admin on August 15, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5 head-to-head

Samsung’s new device appears to be directly rivalling Apple’s as yet unannounced iPhone 6 – and in doing so it appears to have already taken a (small) step backwards in terms of overall specs (camera, battery, display). What it may have surrendered in specs, it appears it will more than make up for in style. The Alpha will be smaller, thinner and hopefully the metal frame will give it that premium feel that Galaxy devices have long been lacking.

A price has not yet been announced but before the device was unveiled a pre-order page listed it at £549. This price has since been removed. Confirmed retailers so far include Carphone Warehouse, EE and Three.



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Posted by admin on August 10, 2014
Ebola : Nigerians Lead The Fight For Cure - Asking President Obama To Give Lagos Nurse Vaccine

Nigerians on different social media platforms on Saturday asked President Barack Obama to give a vaccine, ZMapp, being developed in the United States to treat a Nigerian nurse, Justina Ejelonu, reportedly infected with Ebola. On such websites as Facebook and Twitter, the petitioners begged Obama to release the vaccine to Ejelonu and other Africans suffering from the virus. The petitions were made on the White House website. Ejelonu, who is one of those that were infected with the Ebola virus after treating the Liberian victim, Patrick Sawyer, has said she did not have direct contact with Sawyer’s body fluids.

The deadly virus, which leads to death in humans within days from infection, is transmitted through sweat, urine, blood, and other fluids from the body. Ejelonu recounted her encounter with Sawyer in a report on a website, www.southeastnigeria.com. According to the website, she said she had checked his vitals and helped him with food because he was too weak, and that the mode of transmission could be from touching the same surfaces as the Liberian.

She said, “I never contacted his fluids. I checked his vitals, helped him with his food (he was too weak). I basically touched where his hands touched and that’s the only contact — not directly with his fluids. “At a stage, he yanked off his infusion and we had blood everywhere on his bed. But the ward maids took care of that and changed his linens with great precaution. Every patient is treated as high-risk. If it were air borne, by now wahala for dey (there would have been trouble). I still thank God.”

Ejelonu added that the workers’ uniforms and Sawyer’s bedding were burnt afterwards, saying the staff were under surveillance and off-duty till August 11.

She said, “Our samples have long been taken by the World Health Organisation and so far, we have been fine. Kudos to my hospital management because we work professionally with every patient considered as high-risk — that’s the training.” The health worker noted that if it were a public hospital, the outcome might have been different, adding that she was however grateful to the Lagos State Government and the Federal Government for their support.

Credits: The Punch News Paper



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Posted by admin on August 10, 2014
Ondo Appoints Consultant On Pension Commission Establishment

Ondo State Government has appointed the Group Managing Director of Pension scope Group and the Chief Executive Officer Interterms Pension Consultancy, Mr. Tai Peter Adediji, as a consultant to establish its pension commission. With the appointment, Adediji, will bring to bear his experience on pension management, draw functions of the commission and appoint the organisation’s head and officers. 

He will also be responsible for the appointment of Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) and Pension Fund Custodians (PFCs). Adediji, who was the pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the CRIB Pension Fund Administrator, has contributed immensely to pension industry’s development through his publications, paper presentations at high profiled fora, production of pensionscope radio programme (a popular Lagos-based weekly radio programme on pension, insurance and related issues) as well as pensionscope magazine (a monthly highly professional publication for both pension and insurance industries).

Commenting on his appointment, he commended Governor Olusegun Mimiko for the gesture, pledging to give the state one of the best pension commissions that can guarantee improved wellbeing for contributors, retirees and other stakeholders. He said the enactment of the state’s pension law will help enhance the moral of the workers, lauding the efforts of the state government in joining other progressive states in laying a secured and prosperous future for its workers. He called on workers in the state to reciprocate the gesture of the government by redoubling their contributions to the state’s development.





Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko And His wife Olukemi
And Others At The Presentation Of Relief Aaterials To
Flood Victims At Ilu-Agbo community, in Ese-Odo Local Government area,
On Tuesday 22-09-2014.


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Ondo State Attorney General, Eyitayo Jegede Buries Father
Friday, 21 March 2014

The remains of Chief Johnson Jegede, the father of the Ondo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice,...


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